We believe that the best brands are built on deep and active listening to the audiences that matter most to the success of the organization. Understanding the views, experiences, concerns, and expectations of the people that matter most to your organization means you are more likely to engage with them in a way that resonates rationally and emotionally.


Brand and reputation can and should work together to motivate people to work for you, buy your products and partner with you. But if what you do and say doesn’t live up to your audiences’ experiences or expectations of what you should be doing and saying, gaps emerge that can undermine your organization’s success.



The BRC works with clients and partners who share our commitment to managing brand and reputation collectively. Together, we help organizations identify what matters to the people that matter to them. We help them close the gaps between how they see the world and how their audiences see the world - and to make a persuasive case why people should care. 



The result:

Purpose aligned with expectation, and a strategy that is more credible and compelling with the people critical to your success

We live in a connected world where trust and openness are going to be imperative and the norm. Reputation will come down to brands who can understand their stakeholders and add genuine value.
— Corporate Brand and Communication Manager, Hospitality Sector, Brussels

Our Services

•Review and optimize how you're managing brand and reputation now

• Analysis of reputation risk and opportunity

• Workshops and qualitative research with leadership and key employees to facilitate alignment, collaboration and support

• Refinement of narrative, value proposition and positioning

• Development of brand and reputation strategy, including setting outcome focused KPIs and metrics


• Stakeholder and issues mapping

• Review existing research and recommend how to align approaches/metrics (qualitative, qualitative and digital)

• Listening exercises and opinion research with audiences to understand what matters to them, how they view you/your peers, identify gaps in perception and test new ideas 

• Social media analysis and digital analytics to map and monitor online influencers and issues

• Engagement strategy, including advice on which stakeholders and issues to prioritize


• Compelling narratives to connect emotionally with and inspire support from your audiences

• Thought leadership platforms and content

• Workshops, engagement and digital co-creation platforms with customers and stakeholders to build close and continuous relationships


• Capabilities development (leadership coaching, functional alignment, internal change and employee alignment) to break down silos and increase impact

• Periodic monitoring to identify and track issues, refine strategy and keep the campaign on track

• Outcome focused evaluation of success (attitudinal, behavioural and business metrics)